I have a degree in Computer Science where I majored in artifical intelligence and computer vision. I then got a further doctorate degree in Software Technology at the Stan Ackermans Institute.

In 1996 I started my professional Career at CMG (now Logica). My initial experience was gathered at high-tech companies like Thales and Lucent. Here I got exposed to embedded software engineering, real-time systems and mission critical systems. This is where I learned the importance of having quality requirements and specifications to serve as the basis for any substantial piece of software engineering.

I moved on to apply that knowledge in various roles: Software Design, System Engineering and Project Management. I have led different projects with teams of different sizes. Besides Project Management, I see myself as an expert in the field on Information Analysis and Business Consultancy.

In my opinion, the accurate translation of a question or demand from the business into a solution that can be interpreted by a development team is crucial to any succesful IT project. This is especially true in off-shoring where the business and development teams are geographically separated. Preparing high-quality requirement specifications and software designs is a fine art. This is where I aim to add value by applying the knowledge and experience I gained over the years.

I have worked in various domains, ranging from Telecommunications, Traffic and Transport systems to the Oil & Gas industry. See my CV (downloadable from the “CV” section of this site) for a full description.